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Vital Japan - Past Event

Vital Japan - Ginger Griggs

第98回勉強会 - 98th Meeting

Time 2012年1月21日(土) 東京都千代田区
Topic 「武器としてのコミュニケーション術

"Communicate to Influence People and Outcomes"
Speaker Ms.Ginger Griggs, Business Consultant
Language English (使用言語: 英語)
Participants 240人

2012年最初の勉強会を飾ったのは、Ginger Griggsさん。
Vital Japanの100回近くに上る勉強会の中でも、最も大きな感動の嵐を巻き起こしたスピーカー。2年ぶりにご登場いただきました。




How would you rate yourself as a communicator?
Excellent? Average? Poor?

Excellent communication skills are consistently listed by experts as
among the key criteria for success in both our personal and professional lives. But what do these experts actually mean by “excellent communication skills”?

We human beings are complex animals! So it should come as no surprise that for us, communication involves a complex, often subtle range of verbal and nonverbal messages that we send and receive on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Excellent communicators are aware of this complexity and use it wisely to promote understanding, build trust, motivate others, and help move people towards desired outcomes.

Please join us for a highly interactive session that explores and
practices “the art of communicating to influence people and outcomes.”
You won’t want to miss this great opportunity to network while you
explore ways to take your communication skills to the next level!

Ginger Griggs is a Tokyo-based business consultant, trainer, teacher,
and executive coach who specializes in leadership development,
communication, team-building, and organizational change.

Ginger speaks four European languages fluently, has an extensive
background in both education and international business, and holds
Master’s Degrees in French Literature, International Management, and Conflict Facilitation. Her passion is helping individuals and
organizations recognize and achieve their full potential.


Vital Japan Meeting 英語での勉強会

Vital Japan Meeting 英語での勉強会

Vital Japan Meeting 英語での勉強会


Vital Japan Meeting 英語での勉強会

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